A Little Something For All Ages

A Little Something for All Ages is compelling and true. Throughout this thoughtful book are illustrations and pages written in a diverse array of poetry by Mark McCullogh. It covers practical topics for children, youth, and adults with a touch of history and humor. Suitable for the entire family, this book is a must-read and will enhance “family time.”


Inspiration and Reality

Stories written in poetry to inspire and inform

Inspiration and Reality contains stories written in poetic form to inspire and inform, to help one think outside the box. From historical facts to its refreshing guides of faith and beyond, this book demonstrates to the reader truth, love, and value through its past, present, and futuristic content.

“Helping Mom and Dad with the Big Bad Storm,”

a story featured in this book, is a great read for your children. With illustrations, it instructs younger children how to cope by helping you, the parent, prepare for natural disasters such as a hurricane and gives suggestions and comfort to the family during and after the storm.

“In the Dawn of Morning”

brings the story of 9/11 to life, how we felt on that dark day in history and gives a new generation an appreciation of its reality and how America grew stronger for it.

“Bush and Gore”

is more of a lighthearted historical look at the 2000 election, and with these, in a family setting, it helps children understand real-world situations.

“Fire Is Not a Friend”

helps the youngest of our children understand the dangers of fire, what it does, and what happens to bad people who commit them while teaching what fire is for and how to respect it.

“Love and Respect Older People”

teaches children of all ages to love and respect not only grandma and grandpa but also all the elderly.

“The Taming of Deer”

is a real-life look at Northern Nomads taming live reindeer with a familiar twist at the end, which makes it enjoyable for the holiday season.

Ode to the Essential Workers

trouble. From history to satire and down to adolescent lessons, this book is suitable for the whole family to love. This is the first collection of writings by Mark McCullogh, and there will be more in the coming years.

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